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Throughout the year, we talked and learned about how we could answer God’s call in many ways including sharing our gifts, reaching out to others and saying yes to God even when his call is not part of your plans. This year, we continue this goal to answer God’s call in a more specific way.

Jesus is a very important leader and guide for all of us. Very often we see the symbol of a fish with the letters WWJD inside. This symbol and its letters remind us to always think, “What Would Jesus Do?” when making decisions in our day-to-day lives. As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus and to use him as a guide in all of our life choices, whether small or complex. This year, our goal is to learn how to lead as Jesus did and to lead by example in everything that we do and say.

Leading by example is a goal that adults and students alike can achieve in many ways. It can be as simple as leading a younger student on the playground, to volunteering to help in a school event. As we say in our middle school, “It is doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, no matter what anyone else does or says.” It is thinking before acting, “WWJD?” It is being the best you can be each day. And if you have a bad day, it is regrouping and trying again the next day.

For the last three years I have watched students of all ages grow in their leadership skills here at NDA. I have watched them lead in their classrooms, the playground, on the sports fields and in our community. They live the gospel that they learn about in their religion classes and they help others live it, as well. And I have watched many adults, parents and teachers do the same. I am confident that this year’s theme is a goal that we will all achieve and grow in together. That is what makes NDA so special.

I look forward to leading with all of you this year, and I wish you all luck.

Lilliam Paetzold