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Miss Borboa’s love of the social sciences coupled with a passion for working with children inspired her to pursue a career in teaching. With a clear goal in mind she completed her Bachelor of Arts in History as well as Single Subject Social Science Credential at the University of San Francisco. She received her Master’s of Science in Education at Mount St. Mary’s University. She has been a proud member of the NDA family since 2013. When Miss Borboa is not at school she enjoys travelling as an opportunity to experience other cultures and traditions, but also values spending quality time with family and friends at home.
Miss Borboa’s Middle School Social studies classes allow students to engage with the past while making connections with their own lives. Students have opportunities to bring history to life through hands-on experiences like mummifying chickens, simulating life in feudal Japan and creating iMovie commercials for the 13 colonies. Students read, write and think like historians, analyzing texts and asking critical questions while using technology to develop a thorough understanding of how the world they live in today came to be. These learning experiences, both collaborative and individual, support students in their development of 21st century skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond.