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Knights of lore frequently found themselves in uncharted territory, exploring never before visited lands and meeting and interacting with new people along the way. Knights had a reputation for being brave, unafraid of the dragons, and a willingness to embark upon new journeys despite the many unknowns. This year, our NDA Knights fearlessly marched off the map and explored an ever changing 21st Century world. Together we prepared for our quest by developing our collaboration, imagination, communication, persistence, critical-thinking, problem-solving, stewardship, and empathy skills to lead, love, and serve our community.
NDA Knights LEAD with zeal. Leaders are pioneers and innovators, peacemakers, discovers, and trailblazers. They do the right thing because it is the right thing to do and they actively seek out ways to make the world a better place. This year NDA Knights from TK-8th grade, modeled their leadership skills in their commitment to their academic course work, their diligence in their classroom jobs, their involvement in Student Council, and as captains of sports teams, models of good sportsmanship, writers for the newspaper, and as budding scientists. As leaders, students eagerly collaborated with one another, shared ideas, and applied past knowledge to new situations. With a passion for learning and leading, NDA Knights made our school community a wonderful place to be.
NDA Knights LOVE their neighbors. From hugs and high fives, to compliments and good manners, NDA Knights spent the year looking for ways to show each other how much they care. School wide events like the International Food Faire, the Family Mass and Picnic, Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Catholic Schools week brought us together to celebrate the many gifts within our community. Our school garden blossomed as students showered it with love and acted as good stewards of God’s creation. Prayer services, masses, and our religion classes reminded us that God loves us all the time, no matter what. Through love and kindness, NDA Knights truly spread the Gospel message.
NDA Knights SERVE to create a better community. Filled with love and a desire to be changemakers, NDA knights grew in their ability and desire to listen and understand with empathy. Through Buck-a-Stuff collections and our Service Fair students learned about people and animals that need our help and raised funds to help these organizations in our local and global communities. With love in their hearts, an ability to lead, and a desire to serve, anything is possible for our NDA Knights.
Marching off the map is always an adventure, but I am so grateful to be on this adventure with each of you. Our innovative and inspiring educators lead the students to new understandings and a deeper faith, love the students as their own and celebrate their individual gifts, and through their service, teachers recognize that they too are changing the world. Our parents actively seek ways to help their children become kind, compassionate servant leaders. Together we make a great team and I am blessed to work in collaboration with each of you. Thank you for another wonderful year and a successful quest to spread laughter, love, and kindness to all we encounter.
Love always,
Ms. Hobbs


The 8th grade leadership team did an amazing job running the confetti egg booth at the Family Mass and Picnic this past weekend!  Thanks to all who worked the booth and all who purchased eggs!  It was a huge success!