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Ms. Genovese enthusiastically begins her 9th year teaching Kindergarten at Notre Dame Academy. She previously taught Kindergarten, 2nd , and 5th grades and served as both principal and vice principal. Her educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles; Clear Multiple-Subjects Teaching Credential, Masters Degree in Childhood and Adolescent Literacy, and Reading Credential from Loyola Marymount University. Ms. Genovese enjoys photography, film, and reading. She believes in nurturing students’ natural inclination to explore, discover, and wonder by providing a joyful, stimulating, and reassuring environment.
This year in Kindergarten, experience the excitement of working interdependently to create innovative inventions and prototypes and code our Dash and Dot robots. Students write and publish a class book and submit their poetry for publication. They live Science through hands-on activities, an air rocket launch, and SKYPE sessions with NASA. Kindergarteners gain a global awareness and respect of God’s creation via correspondence with pen pals in India, United Kingdom, and Iowa. By participating in Habitat for Humanity’s World Habitat Day and Act!Speak!Build!Week!, students model good citizenship by advocating for those in need. Through integration of Thinking Maps and Habits of MInd across the curriculum, students utilize critical thinking skills and learn to persist to meet individual goals. Kindergarteners gain a life-long love of reading by experiencing differentiated instruction in diverse reading and writing groups. In lessons and interactions, a focus on being Christ-like and making compassionate choices helps develop students’ inner character. Kindergarten embraces a growth mindset where students learn that their abilities can be developed through perseverance and work.

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Kindergarten students love coding. They are learning that programmers have to be creative, innovative, and persistent. They designed an igloo, demonstrating these attributes. Afterwards, students did a gallery walk to observe their friends' creations and reflected on ways to improve their igloos. They also had a visit from our robot, Dash.
The Kindergarten students learned all about the science of gum and polymers. They explored the art of UK artist Ben Wilson who creates paintings on the sidewalks of London around discarded gum. Students enjoyed making gum and then using it to create their own masterpieces.
The Kinder students are always enthused to do a STEM challenge. They planned, designed, and built boats that could float like the Mayflower. After testing their creations, students had an opportunity to reflect and devise one improvement based on their observations.
K students were very excited to SKYPE with their new friends in Argentina. We shared favorite books, games, activities, and the things we are learning. Both classes had fun singing special songs.
K students love talking with other classes and learning about their experiences. They had an informative chat with their new friends in Iowa.