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Mrs. Haupt is excited to be returning for another year in Transitional Kindergarten at Notre Dame Academy. Her passion for early childhood education is rooted in her educational and professional background. Mrs. Haupt has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley where she worked in educational research developing math curricula and manipulatives for early learners. She received her Master’s in Education and Clear Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential from the University of California, Los Angeles, writing her thesis on building community in Kindergarten classrooms. In her thirteen years of teaching, Mrs. Haupt has worked in both public and private schools and has been honored with a Teacher Eddy Award from the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce. When she is not at school, Mrs. Haupt enjoys reading and playing with her two sons, James and Alex.
TK families can look forward to a year of tremendous growth! There is an emphasis on building a foundation in both socio-emotional and academic skills through engaging, experiential, hands-on activities. Mrs. Haupt has developed integrated units that connect Early Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies in concrete ways for early learners. Students explore concepts and build understanding through experiences with blocks and manipulatives, songs and dance, arts and crafts, dress-up, puppet shows, and imaginative play. Children are also supported in developing strong oral language skills through instruction and age-appropriate practice in collaborative conversations, problem solving, conflict resolution, and class presentations. Religion, prayer, and Catholic leadership are an integral part of the student experience as students re-enact Bible stories, engage in traditional and spontaneous prayer, and learn to make choices that reflect Jesus’ example. Transitional Kindergarten provides a space for children to blossom in their self-confidence, interpersonal awareness, academic abilities, and understanding of their faith.


TK students learn that prayer is a way to talk to God. In TK, we regularly integrate both traditional and spontaneous prayer into our day. Here, the children are practicing using rosaries to prepare for the Living Rosary prayer service with the rest of the school community.
'Tis the season for spooky spiders! These TK kids are busy developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while preparing Halloween decorations for the TK classroom. Come check out our silly and scary spiders at Open House on Saturday, October 28!
TK students learn to use their senses to observe, organize, and evaluate information in the world around them. In this activity, TK students use their sense of smell to make predictions about the contents of a mystery cup! Is there an orange slice inside or a clove of garlic? Chocolate syrup or toothpaste? Only your nose knows!
Learning letters is fun when you can get your hands dirty! This TK student is excited to practice writing lowercase b with shaving cream, while another TKer shows off the capital C she created with play-doh.
Social-Emotional Learning is an essential component of our TK program. In this activity, TK students practice identifying facial features that correspond with different emotions. Can you predict who feels happy, sad, angry, or scared?

TK's School Scavenger Hunt

TK filled their marble bucket, but their treats are missing! Now they must use what they know about their new school to find them! Where is the Art Room? Who is the Music Teacher? These TKers are ready to help you find out!
Spring is in the air in TK! These little gardeners are "digging in" at the sand and water center, making beautiful floral displays while practicing their academic vocabulary - the parts of a plant and the stages of its life cycle!
TK students are exploring a new Thinking Map! The Brace Map is a tool for visualizing whole-part relationships. In TK, we are using Brace Maps to think about decomposing numbers and segmenting words.
TK explores the concept of patterns through experiences with designing necklaces, creating towers, and analyzing patterns created by their peers with math manipulatives. Be sure to check out our culminating pattern project - decorating gingerbread houses! 
TK students explore the big ideas of cooperation and interdependence in their social studies unit, "Home and Family". They also practice interpersonal skills and conflict resolution as they learn, share, and play together.
TK discovers the power of observation as they explore the sense of taste. Can you guess which foods are sweet, salty, sour, and bitter?
TK develops foundational math skills in geometry, sorting, and comparing activities. Students construct two-dimensional shapes with pretzel sticks, use a balance scale to compare the weights of objects, and sort cereal by color. We love learning!