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Mock Trial

In line with our SLE's to develop strategic thinkers, we offer members of our middle school an opportunity to be on our Mock Trial Team.  In just our second year, it has already proven to exceed our expectations and impress the judges and scoring attorneys at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. At the trial our Prosecution team gave an impressive performance. They looked and acted like real attorneys, witnesses, and courtroom administrators. They were composed, articulate, well prepared, and able to think on their feet, all while looking experienced in their suits and professional attire.


The practice schedule started back in August with the first competition in early November. In those early rounds the team scored well enough to skip the playoffs and move straight to the quarterfinals. They made it through to the semi-final round, which consisted of the top four schools in the entire county of Los Angeles.


Four of our NDA students were recognized by the 2015 Los Angeles Mock Trial Competition for their outstanding performances. Those students are Jenna Y., Second Place in the Courtroom Artist Contest; Matthew J., outstanding performance as clerk; Morgan S., outstanding performance as the expert witness, Dakota Kim; and Jason C., outstanding performance as a Prosecuting Attorney. This is an incredible accomplishment and we are very proud of this team and their coaches.