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After 9 years we want to thank Mr. Tapanes for his dedication to bringing Chess to our kids!  Look for more details on our new Chess Program coming soon!
What game did founding father, inventor, and entrepreneur Benjamin Franklin play for hours to draw intellectual and social inspiration? CHESS. Like so many brilliant men and women, students at NDAE can master this excellent game of strategic thinking and conceptual planning. There is no such thing as "good luck" in chess, and players will discover first hand how a personal victory can only be obtained through each player's personal ability to think and plan. Chess club deepens skills for study and for lifelong learning, as students meet weekly to abide by the Morals of Chess and deepen their understanding of this intellectual challenge. Under the guidance of Mr. Mario Tapanes, students practice by grade levels on campus once a week. In the spring, Chess Club travels to Orange County for an annual district wide competition where each student is granted the opportunity to compete with the Bridgestone and best. Spring 2015 marked the club’s 8th year of competition, and heralding ten award winners, including a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Placement in Kindergarten.