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Kinder Experience

The world of the five/six­-year-­old is one of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Kindergarten nurtures this natural inclination by providing a joyful, stimulating, and reassuring atmosphere. Kindergarteners experience the excitement of working interdependently to create innovative inventions. Students write and publish a class book and submit their poetry for publication. They live science through hands-­on activities, coding with robots, air rocket launch, and video-conferencing sessions with NASA. Kindergarteners gain a global awareness and respect of God’s creation by corresponding with pen pals around the world. By participating in Habitat for Humanity’s World Habitat Day and Act!Speak!Build!Week!, students model good citizenship by advocating for those in need. Through integration of Thinking Maps and Habits of Mind across the curriculum, students utilize critical thinking skills and learn to persist to meet individual goals. In lessons and interactions, a focus on being Christ­-like and making compassionate choices develops students’ inner character. Kindergarten embraces a growth mindset where students learn that their abilities can be developed through perseverance and work.

My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Kindergarten Program at NDAE. It's warm, it's loving, it's everything you could wish for and more. The teachers are fantastic and are so dedicated. Our child comes home excited everyday to share with us all of the "adventures" and "cool projects" they did in class that day. The fact that the children are so engaged and interested in class is worth gold. - Kindergarten Parent