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Lower School TK-5 » Grades 1-4 Experience

Grades 1-4 Experience


The lower school program provides a strong foundational upbringing that empowers students to make connections, think critically, pose questions, and problem solve. Students in grades 1-4 receive a strong foundation in core subjects through a standards-driven curriculum designed to develop and deepen student understanding. Beyond academics, students receive a whole child education that emphasizes social-emotional skills, global responsibility, and independent leadership in the 21st century. 


Our lower school students also participate in school-wide activities that celebrate holidays including a Halloween Party, Christmas Treat Day, Christmas Program, Mardi Gras Celebration, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day as well as our NDAE Traditions with In n Out Day, Bake Sales, Service Fair, Buck a Stuff Free Dress Days, Class Field Trips, and our Knights and Dragons Tournament.