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TK Experience

TK families can look forward to a year of tremendous growth! There is an emphasis on building a foundation in both socioemotional and academic skills through engaging, experiential, hands­on activities. Mrs. Haupt has developed integrated units that connect Early Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies in concrete ways for early learners. Students explore concepts and build understanding through experiences with blocks and manipulatives, songs and dance, arts and crafts, dress­-up, puppet shows, and imaginative play. Children are also supported in developing strong oral language skills through instruction and age­-appropriate practice in collaborative conversations, problem solving, conflict resolution, and class presentations. Religion, prayer, and Catholic leadership are an integral part of the student experience as students re­enact Bible stories, engage in traditional and spontaneous prayer, and learn to make choices that reflect Jesus’ example. Transitional Kindergarten provides a space for children to blossom in their self­-confidence, interpersonal awareness, academic abilities, and understanding of their faith.