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Mrs. Lee always wanted to be a teacher. She also loved reading and writing stories so it was simple to decide to spend everyday helping students find a similar passion as a teacher. After attending ADLA Catholic schools since preschool, she decided to follow in the footsteps of many of her favorite teachers and attend Loyola Marymount University. She received her B.A. in English with an emphasis in Secondary Education and a single subject credential. Following graduation, she continued her time at LMU and joined PLACE Corps. As part of this program, she began teaching middle school ELA at St. Agnes Parish School in Downtown Los Angeles and also earned a Masters in Guidance and Counseling. After spending her whole life in Los Angeles, Mrs. Lee moved to the Bay Area and taught middle school ELA at Corpus Christi School in Piedmont. After 3 years, she missed her family and the city she grew up in, so she and her husband moved back to Los Angeles.
While teaching in Los Angeles, Mrs. Lee always heard about the success of NDA and now feels blessed to join the middle school faculty. ELA classes will address all components of language (literature, writing, vocabulary, and grammar) in an analytical and collaborative manner. Students will read a variety of texts including everything from short stories to poetry to informational texts, which will be paired with our anchor novels that include: To Kill a Mockingbird and Night for 8th grade; The Giver and Animal Farm for 7th grade. Students will move beyond reading comprehension and develop their analytical skills to provide evidence for their opinions and interpretations of the various texts. Students will write frequently and in many different styles from traditional essays to oral presentations to podcasts. They will also participate in student-led whole class discussions and other critical thinking activities. In addition to ELA, Mrs. Lee also teaches 5th grade religion. The 5th grades will learn about and participate in different ways of Catholic worship including parts of mass and the 7 sacraments.