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Fifth Grade Transition Program

The 5th grade transitional middle school program is a research­-based program designed to ease 5th ​graders into middle school. When schools implement a transition program to help students ease their way into middle school, the stress levels associated with transition are reduced and students’ social/emotional states, executive functioning skills, and academic achievement are improved.

To achieve that improvement the transition program ensures that all systems, policies, expectations, and curriculum instruction are clearly articulated and scaffolded over the course of the year. Expert teachers with subject specific knowledge and a vertically aligned curriculum provide students with academic support throughout the year. Additionally, 5th ​grade students take a year long study skills class that, through direct instruction, teaches students organizational skills, reading and listening strategies, note­-taking techniques, test­-taking strategies, study habits, time management, how to use thinking maps, research skills, character education and interpersonal skills, and how to use the Habits of Mind and have a growth mindset.

Following a year­long action research assessment of NDAE’s 5​th grade transitional middle school program completed by the University of Notre Dame during the 2014­-2015 school year, both qualitative and quantitative data findings suggested that the 5​th grade transitional middle school was both desirable and effective. In the areas of responsibility, organization, and executive functioning skills, students were perceived to grow tremendously.

“The study skills component is amazing! It has helped [my son] understand his responsibilities and work independently.”